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Dead Horse Technologies
our mission

Dead Horse Technologies is a collective of highly skilled professionals providing bespoke consultancy, project, product, recruiting and engineering services.

The company is young, we've been on the market since 2019 but we already helped businesses achieve their goals and thrive, even in the challenging times like these.

We are proud to be able to connect people and boost up businesses around the globe in USA, United Kingdom, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine and India.

What we're looking for is long lasting partnerships in terms of engineering and people management.

Dead Horse Tech has helped businesses worldwide to achieve the following

Business restructuring aimed for profitability

Building sustainable engineering processes

Implement cost-reduction strategies and policies

Re-developing applications and complex systems in order to bring them to modern standards

Assemble high performing teams and building up effective management policies

Audit system performance and plan roadmap for improvements

Our Stack
What we offer

We will happily evaluate your current business processes and future goals to come up with a robust strategy for a new development or improvement.


It will absolutely be our pleasure to take over engineering and management for you, to help your business focus on producing top quality products and services. Leave the boring stuff to us.


We offer workshops to help you unchain the potential of your future endeavours via extensive analysis, brutal brainstorming and on top of it all, surgically precise documentation.

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